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Boca Raton, Florida

"ars cantus melior"™

How do you know you are choosing the right voice teacher?
You may have googled voice teachers who specialize in your kind of music- Rock, Broadway, Jazz, or Classical. But, while many teachers listed on the internet are talented at marketing, it does not necessarily mean that they are the safest and best option for your voice. When you go to the doctor, you do not want someone who is under-qualified to treat your condition, you actually want to get better. Just like choosing the right doctor, an experienced and knowledgable voice teacher is always the smartest decision. When searching for a teacher, step 1) see what degrees they have and from which schools (it matters); step 2) look for any professional experience they have had themselves; step 3) research how successful their students are. In my studio, students receive instruction from a voice teacher who has the highest degree awarded from one of the best music schools in the world, has a thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human voice, has a proven success record with classical and contemporary singers, and has performed in multiple genres.

I am a singing professional specializing in voice building, voice lessons, and vocal coaching for both contemporary studio artists and classical singers. Whatever style you sing, I am trained—with the highest credentials in the field of voice performance—to provide insight on how to make your voice better with a stronger and more dynamic vocal range. Contact me HERE to find out how I can help you find your true singing voice.

More Information:

"One of the best vocal coaches around" - The Way Down Wanderers
2018 Grammy-nominated Music Educator Mitchell Hutchings (click link).
Featured in Operapolitan: 'The Voice Builder'
Featured in Modern Singer Magazine: 'Featured Artists: Mitchell Hutchings, baritone'
Featured in Schmopera: 'The Voice Teacher Series: Mitchell Hutchings'

My students have performed with the Glimmerglass Festival, Pittsburgh Opera, Seagle Music Colony, Curtis Summerfest, Chicago Summer Opera, Triple Arts Broadway Summer Intensive, Ash Lawn Opera, Opera Breve, Pensacola Opera, Emerald City Opera, Vancouver/Victoria Coaching Experience, College Light Opera, Oberlin in Italy, Finger Lakes Opera, the Franco-American Vocal Academy, the Accademia Vocale Lorenzo Malfatti in Lucca, Italy, and the Russian Opera Workshop at the Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Since 2013, graduates of my voice studio have been offered acceptance to major music schools with scholarship offers at the Jacobs School of Music of Indiana University, Mannes School of Music, the University of Michigan, Eastman School of Music, Boston University School of Music, Michigan State University, The Penn State School of Music, and Binghamton University.

Many of the same students have won various prizes at the classical voice and musical theatre categories at the district & regional levels at the National Association of Teachers of Singing student auditions and the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions.

If you would like to see one of my recent alums in action, click the following link: Soprano Suzannah Waddington, Joyce DiDonato Master Class at Carnegie Hall

My specialty is bringing out the true voice in a natural way, free from obstruction & over modification, employing the technique of a low expanded breath, clean & balanced phonation, while embracing smooth changes in registration.

"Mitchell Hutchings is a fantastic instructor. He balances the technical side with images that are extremely helpful. He also has a keen ear for vocal issues and can then help the student make appropriate adjustments quickly to improve their sound. He also knows more about the nuances of technique and how to explain them than most singers or even teachers I've encountered." - student at the Eastman School of Music

"My voice is, for good or for bad, able to get away with a lot of things it shouldn't. Mitchell Hutchings took the time to study my voice and recognize the potential, hear the result he wanted, and help me find my real voice. He called me on my bad habits, encouraged me to take risks, and experimented with different repertoire so that I could find what my voice loved. If he hadn't been my teacher, I truly don't believe my voice would be where it is today." -Suzannah Waddington, 2016 participant- Joyce DiDonato Carnegie Hall Master Class

"Dr. Hutchings prepared me for the next step in distinguishing myself as an artist. His knowledge of the business, technical foundation and attention to detail are unmatched." -Tim McGowan, current student at Boston University